10 FibreSpeed Facts


  1. FibreSpeed is an ultra-modern optical fibre network with a fantastic track record for reliability.
  2. FibreSpeed is the only network in North Wales that offers trans-regional dark fibre services.
  3. FibreSpeed was a pioneering project prior to the inception of BDUK and is the only commercially successful regional programme which was not let to BT.
  4. FibreSpeed pricing is benchmarked against London and the Southeast to ensure competitive pricing competition for the region.
  5. FibreSpeed is a high performance open access, wholesale network available through our partners.
  6. FibreSpeed enables partners to become Virtual Network Operators, allowing them to design and build their own bespoke networks tailor made to deliver their particular suite of services and applications.
  7. FibreSpeed’s high capacity and dark fibre services means businesses can grow their bandwidth usage without restriction.
  8. FibreSpeed provides a bridge between the UK and Irish economies by connecting Manchester to a number of sub-sea links to Dublin.
  9. FibreSpeed helps to encourage and support inwards investment and development within North Wales.
  10. The FibreSpeed network is a strategic asset for the Welsh nation.
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