Agored Cymru

Agored Cymru is an qualifications awarding organisation that creates qualifications and rewards achievement in Wales

The Challenge

Although Agored Cymru is the only qualifications awarding organisation solely operating solely in Wales, it is keen to offer the best service it can to learners through colleges, employers, training centres and other organisations. Central to this is Agored Cymru’s website and IT infrastructure, which handles many thousands of enrolments each year. How could Agored Cymru make more of this online tool to ensure it offered a slick, professional service for awarding qualifications in Wales?

The Solution

Agored Cymru’s landlords at Ash Court in Parc Menai have installed a 30 Mbps FIBRESPEED connection through Service Partner Netserve. Agored Cymru has taken a 10 Mpbs share and this currently supports its existing leased line connection. In future, however, Agored Cymru may look to FIBRESPEED to provide all its bandwidth requirements. The reason is that increasing bandwidth with FIBRESPEED will meet Agored Cymru’s future growth and greater use of online data transfer, and it is more cost effective than through a leased line. Also, FIBRESPEED’s optical-fibre technology offers symmetrical connectivity, where upload speeds are as fast as download speeds. Leased lines typically offer much slower upload speeds.

The Benefits

FIBRESPEED gives Agored Cymru the fast data transfer capacity it requires to handle hundreds of thousands of course enrolments via the Internet every year. With cost effective options to increase bandwidth over time, FIBRESPEED offers greater capacity and better flexibility than leased line solutions.  For Agored Cymru, it means they can migrate enrolment procedures to their digital platform, expediting the process for both them and their customers, safe in the knowledge that its IT communications network can grow with the organisation too.

“In some ways the tables have been turned. Had we been setting up now, without FIBRESPEED our IT would probably be based in Cardiff. With FIBRESPEED we can deliver IT improvements from North Wales using a network that allows us to grow, and one that costs less than a leased line in the medium term.”

Matt Stanley, ICT and Management Information Systems Manager

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