Avox Limited provides premium quality business entity data for national and international clients, mostly in the financial sector. It employs a collaborative approach where clients contribute intelligence that is then verified by Avox’s experienced team of data experts.

This verification requires constant internet searches of businesses, registries and regulatory data. Its previous internet connection was provided via multiple ADSL lines, but it often became choked with users and slowed down, and there was no back-up should the connection fail.

Avox wanted a more reliable internet connection with equal or greater bandwidth and the scope to increase this easily in the future.

The Solution

Avox registered its interest on the FIBRESPEED website, recognising the network’s greater bandwidth capabilities and in-built resilience or back-up system that’s part of the fibre-optic service. Carrier Wales, a FIBRESPEED service partner, was able to create a physical (wired) connection for Avox, without disruption to the business, using one of the network’s connection points on Wrexham Industrial Estate.


Avox is now paying less for its internet provision with the FIBRESPEED connection. Its team enjoys a reliable, dedicated 10 megabit internet service, which means it is not shared with other businesses or users and does not slow down because of other users. The automatic back-up should the connection fail for any reason gives Avox and its clients complete peace of mind, and the ability to increase the bandwidth without significant capital outlay means the technology can grow with the company.

“We conduct a great number of internet searches to gather information. If the system slows or there is a problem with the connection, it has a great impact on our business.”

Greg Wenden, Head of Development, Avox Ltd

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