Bretton Hall

Despite being less than a mile from Airbus, one of the biggest employers in Wales, Bretton Hall Properties are poorly served by ADSL broadband. Generally, the area is limited to 2.5Mbps download and Bretton is no exception. Understanding that Internet provision is a key consideration for businesses when looking for premises, Bretton previously installed a bonded ADSL solution. Yet this technology has its limitations. How could Bretton Hall Properties provide a superior, future-proof Internet solution and stay ahead of its commercial property competitors?

The Solution

With good line-of-sight between Bretton Hall and the FIBRESPEED’s Point of Presence (PoP) on the Hawarden Business Park, Service Provider Carrier Wales was able to extend the reach of the FIBRESPEED network by using a point-to-point licensed microwave link. The microwave dish sits unobtrusively on a building wall, much like a typical satellite TV dish. Carrier Wales also designed the Internet distribution across the business park, delivering 30Mbps of un-contended bandwidth. This can be quickly and easily increased in future to up to 400Mbps, so Bretton Hall can remain at the forefront of Internet access for any business park in the area.


Thanks to FIBRESPEED, its rural location now belies the fact that Bretton Hall tenants benefit from cutting edge Internet access. Tenants can select an Internet service tailored to their needs and budget. Potential cost savings are achievable through additional services that a high quality Internet connection can provide, such as IP telephony, managed firewall with secure remote access, and content filtering. With FIBRESPEED’s built-in resilience, reliability is assured. And unlike an ADSL connection, FIBRESPEED bandwidth can be easily increased as and when tenants require it. Promoting these benefits to tenants has given Bretton Hall the edge over other business parks, and helped Peter Chadwick maintain high occupancy levels.

“We know how vital high-speed Internet is for businesses and that is why we invested in FIBRESPEED. We’ve already secured leases for two new tenants as a result, and as we can easily expand the bandwidth we are better placed to retain growing tenants and stay one step ahead of our competitors.”

Peter Chadwick, Landlord, Bretton Hall Properties

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