Collister and Glover

Collister and Glover are independent stockists and distributors of engineering supplies such as tubes, valves, fittings, tools, pumps, motors, seals and ancillary products.

The Challenge

A successful e-commerce system needs more than just a slick, user-friendly operation for customers using it. It requires regular maintenance and updating, with current pricing, specification changes, in-stock status and so on. It was taking Collister and Glover up to two days to upload new information across its online store with more than 100,000 products. How could they better maintain and operate one of the industry’s leading online shops?

The Solution

FIBRESPEED Service Partner Netserve connected Collister and Glover to the network’s PoP (Point of Presence) on the Deeside Industrial Estate. This gives the company 10 Mbps of fast Internet access, with scope to increase this to 30 Mbps. Unlike standard ADSL broadband, FIBRESPEED bandwidth is symmetrical, so Collister and Glover has upload speeds as well as download speeds of 10 Mbps. This is critical in reducing the time it takes to update its website – now it takes minutes instead of days.

The Benefits

Collister and Glover runs one of the largest e-commerce sites in the engineering sector in the UK. Through this it has built an excellent reputation for its range of in-stock supplies and customer service, often providing next-day delivery for products ordered online. Connected to FIBRESPEED, the site now benefits from world-class Internet access to match. FIBRESPEED guarantees 24/7 up-time, faster updating and ease of maintenance. This makes the website reliable, efficient and cost effective.

The ability to increase capacity from 10 Mbps to 30 Mbps without significant capital outlay means Collister and Glover now has an e-commerce system ready to grow with the company well into the 21st century.

“We needed a faster, reliable Internet connection to meet our e-commerce growth now and in the future. FIBRESPEED fits the bill perfectly. It gives us the speed and the capacity we need to keep the store up-to-date and running smoothly, and the reliability for 24/7 operation.” – John Collister, Managing Director, Collister and Glover

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