Excelsior Technologies manufactures environmentally friendly, flexible, lightweight packaging. Most of the packaging is for food, while a smaller proportion is used for sensitive medical supplies. It exports the majority of its products to 14 countries across five continents.

To remain a world leader, Excelsior needed more capacity. It previously had operations across three sites, but two were in older buildings and Excelsior’s success meant they were rapidly outgrowing them. It needed a single facility that could better meet future needs.

With assistance from the Welsh Assembly Government, it identified a former printing facility in Deeside as the ideal location to invest in. The 8.5-acre complex houses operations from two sites, as well as a previously external graphic design facility.

What Excelsior Technologies needed then was an IT infrastructure to match this new, state-of-the-art manufacturing site.

The Solution

The Deeside site originally had a traditional, copper-based internet connection. This could manage an unimpressive and unreliable 2-megabit download speed and upload speed.

However, through dealings with the Welsh Government, Excelsior Technologies learned that Deeside Industrial Estate was on the fibre-optic network FIBRESPEED. After speaking with the FIBRESPEED sales team, Excelsior Technologies chose FibreSpeed service provider Vaioni to connect their Deeside site to the network.

Vaioni was able to provide this connection in conjunction with Excelsior Technology’s timescale for establishing its operations in Deeside, so that its IT systems were fully operational when manufacturing commenced.


Excelsior Technologies now has 10-megabit download and 10-megabit upload speeds, five times faster than before, and fully upgradable. This greater speed and bandwidth is especially important for its graphic design operation, helping them to reliably and rapidly send and receive large files. FIBRESPEED’s in-built resilience will mean that the connection is more reliable, leading to less down time and better productivity. Thanks to the greater bandwidth and future capacity additional cost-effective services can be added to it, such as voice over internet telephone – a service Excelsior is already looking at.

“The FIBRESPEED network has given us a future-proof and robust internet connection to match our extensive new Deeside facilities. I now believe we have a cost effective network with extra benefits that would not have been achievable had we stayed with a copper-based connection.”

Alan Tunna, Finance Director, Excelsior Technologies Limited

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