GMG Radio

Real Radio is a commercial radio station and part of the GMG Radio group. It is made up of five large stations across the UK, including the first national commercial station for Wales, Real Radio. GMG Radio is one of Britain’s leading radio businesses encompassing the Real Radio, Smooth Radio and Real Radio XS brands.

The Challenge

Following its expansion into Mid and North Wales, Real Radio required a base in the north of the country, alongside its Cardiff HQ. It wanted to establish an office for sales and admin staff, to bring together a team of four existing homeworkers. With a news reporter based locally, the company also wanted the ability to broadcast from the building. It explored a number of ADSL broadband options but none were able to
deliver a suitable, cost effective option.

“We explored a number of options using ADSL but none of them met our needs. FIBRESPEED provides a service that fits the bill for us.” Gary Bridge, Group Technology Director – GMG Radio

The Solution

Through registered FIBRESPEED service partner Netserve, Real Radio was connected to FIBRESPEED on Wrexham Industrial Estate, one of 13 Points of Presence, or PoPs across the network.
The station took an initial bandwidth service of 20Mb, knowing this can easily be increased in future if the need arises.


Real Radio’s sales and admin staff now split their week between the home and office, easily and effectively working from both locations.

VPN network links Wrexham to the Real Radio network, while Microsoft Exchange provides synchronised email. The office uses VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) for its telephones, linked to the Cardiff office switchboard. This offers a flexible, fully integrated system, as well as the potential for a reduction in call costs. With built-in resilience, the network also gives Real Radio greater reliability compared with ADSL solutions.

FIBRESPEED’s optical fibre technology can deliver high-capacity, uncontended, symmetric (same upload as download speed) bandwidth, making it the perfect platform for transmitting broadcast quality and high definition data files, providing Real Radio with the ability to broadcast from the centre in 2012.

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