A telecoms and communications company that cut its monthly phone bill by more than £100 after investing in FIBRESPEED is urging other firms to follow suit.

Deeside-based iData connected to the high-speed fibre optic network in September 2011.

This enabled it to switch to VoIP for its calls and thereby eliminate monthly line rental charges.

VoIP (Voice-over-Internet Protocol) works just like a regular telephone system, except it uses an internet connection rather than a traditional phone line.

Using an internet connection rather than dedicated telephone lines can result in significant cost savings for businesses, as has proved the case with iData.

Director Chris Quayle said: “VoIP is the future, and I would encourage other businesses in North Wales to give it a try.

“Using FIBRESPEED means we have been able to switch to VoIP, allowing us to save £110 a month.

“There is a misconception out there that call quality and reliability can suffer when you use VoIP, but problems only occur if you attempt to run voice and data on the same platform.

“Using FIBRESPEED means we can segment the fibre and have a dedicated voice service, which in a nutshell means the quality of your calls is protected. Calls never cut out.

“Another advantage of fibre is that a business can take its landline phone number with it when it moves to new premises, because it isn’t restricted by exchange clusters.”  

FIBRESPEED is a Welsh Government-backed project launched three years ago with the aim of helping North Wales achieve its economic potential.

The network runs for more than 200 miles across North Wales, connecting more than a dozen business parks from Deeside in the east to Anglesey in the west.

More than 150 of the region’s businesses are now benefiting from state-of-the-art internet and telecoms services after connecting to the world-class digital communications network.

Founded in January 2008, iData is one of the region’s leading business telecoms specialists and has clients throughout the UK.

Since connecting to FIBRESPEED last year the rapidly growing company has grown its workforce by three and launched a range of new services for clients, including web hosting and VoIP itself.

“We are the start of the cloud computing era, which is transforming the way businesses operate”, added Chris.

“The fact that we use VoIP ourselves means we are able to talk honestly to potential customers about its benefits, as we have experience of using it ourselves. They can see for themselves how it works. FIBRESPEED has been a fantastic investment for us.”

Phil Hodge, business development director at FIBRESPEED, said: “We are thrilled that iData is experiencing such fantastic benefits since connecting to the network.

“This is another example of how FIBRESPEED is enabling Welsh companies to grow and fulfill their potential.”

iData was connected to the network by FIBRESPEED service partner Netserve Consultants, based in St Asaph.

iData director Chris Quayle thanked Netserve for an affordable, trouble-free connection process.

Netserve director John Lyons said: “iData is a forward-thinking company that is really making the most of what FIBRESPEED has to offer.

“They have been extremely pro-active in examining what FIBRESPEED can do for them and then acting to improve both their internal operations and their offering to customers.”

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