RAF Valley

Personnel at a North Wales airbase are now benefiting from high-speed WiFi connectivity with uninterrupted internet performance.

Radio equipment and highly sophisticated server gateways were deployed at RAF Valley on Anglesey to supply a 50Mb dedicated leased line service – fulfilling the wide-ranging and pressing technological needs of the base’s growing population.

TriCommunications and RAF Valley community development officer Kathy Cook led the project. Seren Internet and FIBRESPEED service partner Netserve Consultants also played key roles.

TriCommunications managing director Stephen Adams said: “High-speed WiFi connectivity has been high on the wish list of those stationed at RAF Valley for some time.

“The recent explosion in ownership of WiFi-enabled device such as games consoles, mp3 players and tablet computers has made the need for a reliable connection even more pressing.

“Recognising the importance of technology-enabled communications, whether for recreational or business purposes, the Station Commander made a commitment to support a better and faster WiFi solution.”

He added: “We are delighted to have been able to provide such an important service for all the living-in personnel at RAF Valley.

“They will now be able to take advantage of high-speed internet services across the base. This is an extremely significant project, ensuring that all personnel have access and can enjoy unrivalled WiFi services using cutting-edge technology.”

Netserve managing director, John Lyons said:  “We are proud of our role in helping to provide high-speed internet access to RAF Valley.  We expect personnel at the base will be noticing greatly-improved connectivity.”

The project was made possible by the acclaimed FIBRESPEED network, which runs across North Wales from Holyhead to Deeside and uses fibre optic technology that carries vast amounts of data at close to the speed of light.

FIBRESPEED sales manager David Ferguson said: “We are confident that personnel based at RAF Valley will derive significant benefits from having access to our cutting-edge fibre optic network.”


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