West Coast Energy

West Coast Energy has three sites – in Inverness, Edinburgh and in Mold, North Wales. When the North Wales headquarters moved to new, energy-efficient premises, it looked at improving its IT communications – not just between its three sites, but also for remote working. This includes personnel working on-site as well as home-workers, which the firm with its green-conscious business ethic encourages. Where could West Coast Energy find a better solution than bonded ADSL lines, a solution that would allow it to develop its digital communications?

The Solution

FIBRESPEED offered greater and easily expandable bandwidth, and better reliability, that West Coast Energy was looking to adopt. Carrier Wales, a FIBRESPEED service partner, was able to create a physical (wired) connection for West Coast Energy, without disruption to the business, using one of the network’s connection points at nearby Mold Civic Centre.

The Benefits

Using ADSL, sending and receiving large files could take West Coast Energy employees to up to an hour during busy times. Now the business has a dedicated 20-megabit connection, so files are uploaded and downloaded in seconds. West Coast Energy is developing improved data gathering from its mobile operatives, adding value for its customers, and FIBRESPEED gives them ample scope to do this. Similarly, FIBRESPEED also makes home-working more efficient.

Another benefit for West Coast Energy, and its customers, is peace of mind; the connection is much more reliable than ADSL, and has a failover should anything ever go wrong. West Coast Energy will use this additional reliability to improve its disaster recovery processes for business-critical data.

“Connecting to FIBRESPEED enables us to expand our remote digital services which will improve our business processes. Improved reliability and bandwidth mean that our plans to expand the business are no longer hampered by technology.”

Nathan Caley, IT Manager, West Coast Energy Limited

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