About Fibre

About Fibre

With FibreSpeed’s high performance fibre network, partners provide the applications and services to businesses in north Wales so users can take full advantage of next generation digital innovations. Partners have also been able to extend their network by utilising wireless technologies to deliver connectivity to both businesses and residents.

  • Fibre isn’t broadband. It is the network infrastructure that makes really fast broadband services possible.
  • Fibre carries vast amounts of data faster than the copper wires originally designed for telephones and used for standard broadband services.
  • With Fibre it doesn’t matter how far you are from the nearest exchange.
  • Standard broadband struggles with large amounts of data and upload speeds are compromised.
  • Fibre gives you a dedicated connection, offering high bandwidth (speed) that is yours alone (uncontended).
  • Standard broadband is often shared with other businesses and can slow you down (contended).
  • Once a business is connected to fibre, there’s virtually no limit to the bandwidth and digital technologies our partners can deliver.

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The Fibrespeed Difference

The FibreSpeed Difference
10 FibreSpeed Facts

10 FibreSpeed Facts
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