Ultrafast Connectivity Voucher Scheme Launched

The Welsh Government has just launched a new scheme to help businesses in Enterprise Zones to get connected faster.

There are numerous advantages of a connection to the FibreSpeed network:

  • High availability fibre optic network, backed with SLAS
  • Uncontended symmetrical services (download and upload speeds are equal)
  • Future proof – bandwidth can increase as your business grows
  • FibreSpeed operates on a wholesale only basis offering you a choice of Service Partners
  • Get fibre to the premise or a wireless connection, depending on your requirements.


The Ultrafast Connectivity scheme will help businesses to cover the capital costs associated with setting up an ultrafast data connection – defined as at least 100Mbps download, at least 30 Mbps upload and uncontented . The scheme will provide funding of up to £10,000. It will provide 100 per cent funding for the first £3,000 and 50 per cent between £3,000 and £17,000. The business will be expected to match fund the remaining 50% and any further costs over £17,000.

The scheme will cover a range of set up components including excess construction charges, set up and survey costs, new ductwork, fibre, high capacity wireless and microwave equipment purchase and installation.

In North Wales businesses on Deeside Enterprise Zone, Anglesey Enterprise Zone and Snowdonia Enterprise Zone can benefit from funding to assist with the initial installation.

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More information about the scheme can be found here